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3 Summer Margarita Recipes #MargaritaMonday

Inspired by Margarita Monday here our 3 great, summer margarita recipes to enjoy on Mission beach or the balcony of one of our lovely vacation rental properties!

So if you’re not feeling up to going to one of the many great bars or restaurants in San Diego, sit back and relax with one of these homemade margarita recipes that will be sure to “WOW” everyone.


A refreshing way to end a summer day, this margarita will make you the talk of your friendship group or family. And it’s so easy! You don’t even need a blender for this one of a kind, delicious drink that will make you forget the San Diego heat.


This margarita combines two of my favorite things in the world: strawberries and mangos! This tropical treat is nice and sweet, disguising the tequila perfectly and making you and your friends come back for more!


This margarita isn’t your typical margarita as it’s creamier than the others, making it more like a pina colada than a margarita. Not that we’re complaining! This margarita might be the easiest on the list to make and won’t disappoint! You might just keep yourself on the balcony drinking the sun away!


Top 5 California Burritos in San Diego

As most people know San Diego is the home of some of the best taco shops and Mexican restaurants in the U.S. But what San Diego locals know best is that the California burrito is one of the most delicious, most awesome, and inspiring California-Mexican foods our town has to offer.

But who makes this carne asada, sour cream, and french fry filled delicacy the best in San Diego? Well you’ll never find a group of San Diego locals that agree on just one place, everyone has their favorite. But to help you and other tourists narrow down the search for the perfect California burrito we created a list of our top 5 favorites!

1. Saguaro’s
3753 30th St

Located in the hub of North Park, this place is hard to beat. Its open 24 hours and has a drive through window. They’re burritos range from $5+ and the California burrito sits on a throne in this small taco shop. Don’t forget to try the salsa they give you as well! It offers a perfect kick to an already perfect burrito.

2. El Pueblo
820 Birmingham Dr

You might have to venture to North County for this local favorite but the trip will be well worth it. Don’t get deterred by the fact that it is attached to a gas station and car wash. While you enjoy your mouth-watering California Burrito that is as big as your forearm, you can take in the piteresque views of the Cardiff cliffs and beach. If you still have room try one of their $0.99 fish tacos.

3. Don Bravo
5504 La Jolla Blvd

This burrito joint might be a little more upscale than what you were expecting but that doesn’t make it’s California burrito any less good. With ocean views, non-traditional options like burgers and ceviche this is one place you’re not going to want to miss.

4. The Taco Stand
Multiple Locations

This taco shop has 3 locations in La Jolla, Downtown and Encinitas. But the La Jolla shop has freshly made churros, which are the perfect way to end a day at the beach and California burrito meal. Be prepared to wait though, this shop is popular with locals and tourists alike so it almost always has a line out the door.

5. Roberto’s
Multiple Locations

You can find Roberto’s taco shops all over San Diego from Carlsbad to Tijuana. These joints are surfer classics and a “must-go” if visiting the sunny beaches of SD. These California burritos are greasy and messy just like we, here in San Diego, like ‘em. Perfect for the end of a night out or to refuel after surfing for a few hours.


A Day as an SD Local

Congratulations you have rented your first vacation home with PSG in San Diego! You are new to San Diego, but are determined to not waste your precious vacation time on the tourist traps but instead want to explore the local scenery, museums, restaurants and nightlife.

So PSG is here to help! Here is a guide to really as the locals do.

8:00 AM: Time to wake up! And since you’re right on the beach take a step out onto the soft sand of Mission Bay and take a morning walk or run to wake up the body and really get those juices flowing. No better way to start off your day then a good morning call with the ocean!

9:30 AM: After a bit of exercise you’re stomach is going to wonder if you forgot about it. It’s time for some yummy food to keep up your energy and make your stomach a happier camper. How about The Olive Café? Steps away from your temporary San Diego home, you can enjoy a morning cup of joe and a fresh, delicious breakfast!

12:00 PM: San Diegan’s love their nature, so if you’re wanting to continue your daily life as a local, stay outside and walk around the nearby shops in PB or walk along the longest pier in San Diego in OB. Maybe stop at Hodad’s for one of their world famous burgers or The Mad Beet for a lighter, healthier Acai bowl!

2:00 PM: You’re still on vacation, even if you are an honorary local, so why not try one of the hundreds of craft breweries in San Diego! You can even hop around with one of San Diego’s brewery tours, which even locals love, or just pick two or three at random that are nearby. Check out the “Craft Beer Scene” section of our Local Area Guide for our favorite local breweries!

5:30 PM: Almost time for sunset, which means it’s time to set up your picnic and bonfire at Mission Bay. It also means its time for dinner! There are plenty of barbeque pits in mission bay where you can cook up some hot dogs or veggie burgers. After those couple of beers, all you might want to do is lounge in the sand, take a nap and gain a tan.

7:00 PM: Sun is setting and the brilliant oranges, pinks and red light up the San Diego, summer sky. You can start your bonfire now and get out the s’mores makings to everyone’s delight. Nothing beats a good sunset and s’mores!

8:00 PM: It’s dark now but it never really gets too cold in San Diego, so with a couple of blankets and sweatshirts you can stay out and enjoy the night sky. It gets even better when the Sea World Fireworks light it up. It might be for the guests of the amusement park but locals loves the sky spectacular just as much as the tourists.

9:00 PM: Now it might be time to go home and enjoy a couple of hours with a new book, a new TV show or a family film. If you’re with friends, now might be just the beginning of your night. Which means you’re heading to the bars of PB or the Gaslamp area to dress up and enjoy the local nightlife scene! Check out our “Nightlife” section in the Local Area Guide to see what our favorite bars are.

Now you can live like a local! After this day you might just want to move here to San Diego and become a real “local”.


Why Mission Bay is the best place to vacation in San Diego!

Mission Bay, here in San Diego, is one of the finest vacation locations on the (dare I say it?) California coast! This is a pretty bold statement, but when you understand how much there is to do and see within this small, but central, area of San Diego you just might agree.

Here are 3 top reasons why you should choose Mission Bay as your next vacation spot:

Centrally Located

Here in Mission Bay you get the very best of everything San Diego has to offer. If you’re looking for a relaxing day at the beach, a fun theme park for a family day or a night downtown, Mission Bay is just a few minutes away from it all!

Directly surrounding Mission Bay and all of the vacation rentals we offer are multiple beaches, Liberty Station, SeaWorld, Belmont Park as well as popular tourist towns, Pacific Beach and Point Loma. This means there is no shortage of diverse restaurants, bars, hikes and entertainment literally steps from your new vacation home. There are also a series of highly ranked hotels in Mission Bay in case you’re looking for a relaxing day at the spa.

Downtown and Balboa Park are a 15 minute drive from the bay, which means that you can enjoy a few museums, a trip to seaport village or an evening drink in the Gaslamp district without going too far from your temporary San Diego home.


Yes, in Mission Bay you get to enjoy fireworks throughout the summer and holiday seasons. This is thanks to SeaWorld and their popular fireworks spectacular, which is located close to all of our available rental properties. This allows you and your family the chance to enjoy a SeaWorld’s evening display of fireworks right from your vacation living room, porch or balcony.

Have an evening picnic or barbeque on the beach or enjoy one of the many bonfire pits that Mission Bay offers and wait for the light display in the summer night sky. Kids and parents alike are sure to enjoy this added surprise to their vacation.


All of the available vacation properties we offer here at PSG are either on a beach or steps away from one. This allows you and your family to enjoy and explore a wide array of aquatic sports like kayaking, snorkeling or scuba diving. You can even try your hand at kite surfing or rent a board and practice “standing up” for the first time! There are rental equipment services all over Mission Bay to teach, coach and guide you through San Diego’s finest waters. 

Kids will love the available bonfire pits and varied children’s parks that are scattered throughout the area. You can spend a whole day out on the water and then watch the sunset while keeping warm beside the fire pit. Did someone say S’mores?

So if you’re trying to decide where you’re going to treat your family next, either in San Diego, California or the U.S., don’t forget the Mission Bay area. You might just miss out on all the fun.